Sunday, February 1, 2009

Article 1.1: Failure to Blog

It's official: Lt. Christina Douglas is hereby charged under Article 1.1 of the Uniform Code of 1SG Martinez Justice for her consistent failure to blog. As such, she has been, and will continue to be, subject to verbal nagging until further notice. 

Monday, December 1, 2008

Let the blog wars begin ...

Well, here it is – the first of (hopefully) many blogs to document the journey of the 211th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment’s upcoming deployment. I’ve been with the unit for going on three weeks now, and it’s been a great experience so far. It’s incredible to see how the Army can bring Soldiers from all walks of life together. The Soldiers of the 211th MPAD are a perfect example of this. We have a mix of Soldiers who volunteered for the deployment and others who were transferred. We have Soldiers from all over the mainland to include Texas, New Jersey, Chicago … the list goes on. Despite such different backgrounds, we all share one common foundation as part of the 211th family.

Until next time ...